In Store Music

With your own In Store Music program you are in total control of everything your customers hear while they are at your place. You control the music and the announcements. It's like having your own radio station, without having to play any ads from competitors.

Your customers will be entertained by the music and informed by the messages. The ambience created in store is entirely geared to an enjoyable shopping experience. The "airwaves" will be free of bad news stories, language warnings and the rough-house lyrics that can sometimes offend a listener.

The only announcements customers hear are your messages. They will reinforce your brand image and help support your promotions and in store events. All the messages will be produced according to your instructions. Our copywriters will draft all the scripts for you to approve and professional voice artists we will record the messages in our studios.

Together we will work out a schedule to determine the frequency and times of day the messages to be run throughout the In Store Music program.

Our libraries of Royalty Free Music are extremely extensive. We have music from all genres. But don't worry, we will assist in making up the "playlists". We will help you select the style of music that should be most appealing to your customers and recommend tracks to be played at your store.

You are close to your customers and you know what they like. As part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists we understand how sound works. Together we can create a little magic with In Store Music at your place.

We aim to help you make the most of your In Store Music program. We know you will see the "bottom line" benefit and we want you to tell other store owners to make it a win-win situation.

To listen to some samples showing the style of announcements used with In Store Music, Click here.

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