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  • Radio Commercials
    Radio Commercials

    APRA award winning creators of Radio Commercials.

  • Television Audio
    Television Audio

    We produce audio for the biggest brand names in the country!

  • Corporate Video
    Corporate Video

    Receive free custom samples for your next project before committing.

  • eLearning
    e-Learning Projects

    Complete your e-Learnign modules with professional music, sfx and voiceovers.

  • Copwriting

    Our writers will work closely with you to achieve the best script for your media needs.

  • Translation

    We can translate any english script into the language of your choice.


Getting the writing done for your On Hold Messages is easy. That's because we have a team of Copywriters who will do it for you. You simply tell us a few details about your company and the major points you wish to mention. We will use that information along with your website to draft the messages. We will then email them to you to approve/emend prior to recording. Simple. Time saving. And your On Hold Messages will have the flair and style of a professional writer.


To get a script translated from a foreign language into English, or a foreign language version of an English script is something our copywriters and voice artists do all the time. We work in most modern languages so send your script and we will reply with a quote for the translation and voice recording.


You can hire our studios at very reasonable rates and we include an experienced engineer/producer in the cost as well as access to our extensive libraries of Sound Effects and Royalty Free Music. You can choose to direct the recording session in person or over the telephone using a 3-way hook-up between yourself, the voice artists and the studio engineer. Alternatively we'll have one of our experienced producers supervise the session according to your instructions. Ask and we will send a quote.


To replay On Hold messages some telephone systems require an external audio player. We supply a remarkably compact unit called the MOH 1200 that comes with a full 3-year warranty. The MOH 1200 uses an ordinary USB stick or thumb-drive to store the messages. It's easy to change or update messages by simply downloading the revisions to your computer and transferring them to the USB stick. For In Store Music programs we recommend and supply a very robust and reliable unit called the SC 2000.