In Store Music

It's your store, you shouldn't have to put up with someone else choosing the music or playing songs with language or topics that might offend a customer!

When you have In Store Music playing at your place you are in full control. You are not relying on the local radio DJ to make up the playlist. You avoid the risk of "risque" lyrics coming off the iPod.

The music playing in your place will be selected by you in consultation with our experts. All the tracks will be from our extensive libraries of Royalty Free Music so you will avoid any censorship issues, plus you won't be liable for any annual fees from agencies like APRA or PPCA.

The announcements used in the In Store Music program will be written according to your instructions. Our writers will create the scripts for you to approve and then our professional male and female voice over artists will record the messages in our own recording studios.

There won't be any advertising messages from anybody else! No competitors' promotions, no political campaigns, no government propaganda! Only information about events that are happening at your place! Your seasonal sales. Your end of line clearances. Your store's birthday celebrations!

In Store Music puts you in charge of all content. And when you need to update a message or make any changes to the music you can do everything easily and quickly on line.

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