Phone Messages

Let customers know they have called outside business hours or you are on leave.

When the office is closed for the day and the phone rings the last thing you want the caller to hear is a "bad" message. That's an After Hours Message that sounds like an after-thought! Instead let them hear a well written and recorded message spoken by a professional voice over artist.

How a customer perceives your company is greatly influenced by how the business "sounds" on the telephone, in advertising, on the internet, in presentations, trade shows and anywhere you are using audio. We are a part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists, so we know it's vital to make sure you sound fully professional and present listeners with the best impression.

Nothing instils a caller with more confidence than hearing a polished and informative After Hours Message. It says "you care" about your business and you appreciate your customers whether they are regulars or new callers.

The After Hours Message will thank them for their call, advise them of your normal operating hours and invite them to call again. If your telephone system has the capacity you may suggest they leave a message with a name and number and you will call them back when the office re-opens.

When you have an After Hours Message produced by us it will be recorded in our modern digital studios using a professional voice artist. You can choose to have a male or female voice read your message. Plus you can update or change the wording anytime to include things like a seasonal greeting or daylight saving hours.

We have experienced copywriters to craft your After-Hours Message. You only need to fill in a simple form online to let us know your normal opening hours and whether you will be returning the call or inviting the caller to "call again during normal hours". The draft script will be sent for you to approve before we go ahead with recording.

While you are online completing the order form take a minute to listen to samples of our male and female voice artists. Then you can choose the announcer you prefer to record your After Hours Message.

Be sure your business has a professional After Hours Message. For a free quote online, Click here.

After Hours Message Example: Thank you for calling (the company name), however you have called outside our normal opening hours and the office is closed for the day. Our opening hours are (hours of operation). Please call again or if you wish to leave a message with your call back details we will return your call when the office re-opens. Leave your message after the "beep". Thank you.

Medical Services After Hours Message Example: Thank you for calling (name of Doctor or Medical Centre), however you have called outside our normal opening hours. If this call is about a medical emergency situation please hang up and dial 000 to request an ambulance. Otherwise please call back during our opening hours which are (hours of operation). If you wish to leave a brief message with your name and number we will return your call during opening hours. Please record your message after the tone.

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