Menu Prompts

Phone Messages

When you call a business and hear something like "Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts" you a listening to Menu Prompts which may also be called an IVR or Interactive Voice Response.

It's easy to see how efficient and effective Menu Prompts can be to streamline calls and help callers get through to the right person or department. Menu Prompts give the caller a sense of control and also add to the confidentiality of their call.

We tailor Menu Prompts for companies large and small. We deliver them online ready to be loaded into your telephone system. The Menu Prompts can be a single audio file or sent as a number of separate files to accommodate multi-tiered directives when callers have to navigate through various levels.

It's important that Menu Prompts (IVRs) are well written, clearly recorded and spoken by a professional voice over artist. As part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists, we understand how poor telephone recordings can impact adversely on the perceived image of a company.

Our copywriters, studio producers and professional voice over artists are experienced experts in the creation of high quality audio.

To make your Menu Prompts we will use any details you provide to write a draft script. We'll forward the script for approval. In the meantime you can go online to hear to samples of our professional male or female voice artists and select one to record your Menu Prompts. If you prefer we will choose the voice for you.

As well as saving time and labour, well written, professionally voiced and recorded Menu Prompts will enhance the image of your company. And all for a very small dollar outlay.

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Example of an IVR/Menu Prompt: "Thank you for calling (the Company's Name) Please choose from the following options. To speak to a Sales Consultant, press 1; For our Service Department, press 2; For Accounts, press 3; for all other enquiries please stay on the line and one of our friendly staff will be with you as soon as possible. To hear these choices again please press zero."

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