When you are putting together a Corporate Video one of the most important decisions is choosing the right voice.

Too often a good Corporate Video production can be let down by choosing a voice that simply sounds out of place. But now we make the task of finding the best voice talent really simple.

We have prepared hundreds of samples of our male and female professional voice artists and placed them on line. Begin your search for that special voice by listening to our samples, Click here.

When you think you have found the right voice for your project we will prepare a free quote for you and send it on line.

To get your free quote organised, Click here.

It couldn't be easier. You've auditioned hundreds of samples and found the right voice and also got an online quote all at the click of a mouse.

But how can you be really sure you have chosen a great voice for your particular script? Easy, let us prepare a short FREE DEMO of your chosen voice reading an extract from your script.

Forward your script to us and we will arrange the voice talent you have selected to read a small portion of the script. Then we'll put "the demo read" on line and send you a link so you can hear it over and over in your own time.

To arrange a FREE DEMO read by your chosen voice talent, Click here.

You won't find a free offer like this everywhere. It is simply the way we do things as part of Media Group the business audio specialists. We believe in going the extra yards for our clients and we leave nothing to chance.

So you have the right voice, you have the quote, now as soon as your account is in order and you give us the go ahead we will do the final recording.

If you wish, you may direct the recording session in person or direct "live" on the phone via a 3-way connection between you, the voice over artist and our studio producer/engineer. As an alternative you can have one of our experienced producers direct the recording for you.

When the recording session is complete we can send you a link to download a file containing all the takes from the voice session, or send only the "go takes". Or under your instructions we can forward a completed track with music and sound effects.

To find out more about locating the best voice and producing a competed soundtrack for your video project start today. Click "Contact" on this page. Or to speak with us now use the "Give Us a Call" button.

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