A well-produced e-learning project can be a great benefit to customers, suppliers and very educational for members of your staff. But be wary of falling into the trap of skimping on the audio. Too often the effectiveness and impact e-learning productions is ruined by an amateur voice over.

We have a tremendous selection of professional male and female voice artists available at very affordable rates. We make it simple for you to audition them on line and after you make a selection we will provide a quote.

You'll find various samples by each of our voice over artists so you can hear how they inject their reading talents into the different scripts.

To listen to voice samples, Click here.

After you decide on a voice artist that you feel will be good for your e-learning project forward a copy of your script to us. We will then reply with an accurate FREE QUOTE to record the voice-over.

Assuming our quote gets your approval and you want to proceed you may also request a FREE DEMO. We will arrange your selected voice talent to record a portion of your script so you can hear how he or she will sound.

When the final script is in hand, with everything approved and your account is in order the voice over will be recorded in our state of the art studios at Nerang on Queensland's Gold Coast.

If you would like to direct the voice recording session you can do so in person at the studio or do it over a phone hook-up between the voice talent, the studio engineer and yourself. You can also choose to instruct one of our experienced producers to carry out the recording session for you.

After the voice session is recorded and your account is up to date we will send you a link to download the file.

We can send the complete "warts and all" session with all the takes or just send the "go takes". Or you may wish to receive the finished, fully edited, de-breathed and processed final mix including royalty free music and effects.

To get things started on choosing and recording the voice for your e-learning project you only need to "contact" us today. Or call the telephone number located above on this page.

+61 7 55022428