Voiceovers - Radio Commercials

One of the hardest jobs in radio used to be finding the right voice for your new advertising campaign. Used to be? Yes! Because we've changed all that.

Now you can audition hundreds of samples of professional male and female voice over artists on line. To hear V/O samples, Click here!

When you have listened to the voice samples you can get a no obligation online FREE QUOTE. Simply Click here.

We provide talented voice artists to suit every type of script from regular corporate reads to comical characters and hard sell. Our range of voices covers both male and female talent of all ages.

If you have listened to the samples on line and you think you might have found the "perfect" voice, but you are not 100% sure, we can prepare a FREE DEMO for you.

It works like this. If you have a script or scripts that run 60 seconds or more we will have the voice talent you have chosen record a section from your script. We will send you a link so you can listen to their demo read on line as often as you like.

We'll go "all-out" to help you find the right voice for your radio commercials. As part of Media Group the business audio specialists, we can search our contacts across Australia and internationally to New Zealand, Asia, USA and Europe.

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