Choosing the voice over to accompany your video is an important decision that today is much easier than it used to be. Today we give you the opportunity to go online and audition hundreds of voice samples and you never have to leave your desk.

Our line-up of professional male and female voice artists gives you an amazing array of characters and styles. We are sure you will hear a voice to fit your project.

To start listening to our samples of TV voice talent, Click here.

What voice do you have in mind? Younger? Older? Male or female? Do you think you need the big, rounded, traditional announcer-style or someone a little more "hip"?

We are confident you will hear what you are looking for, and when you do, ask and we will prepare a FREE quote for you. That's right! Choose a voice then to make a request for a free quote, Click here.

OK let's imagine you have listened to the samples on line, chosen a voice artist you think is right for the job and you've received your quote. But even though the price is within budget you are still not fully convinced this is the perfect voice for the project! What's next? Simple, let's assume your script or scripts run for a minimum of 60 seconds, then we will prepare a FREE DEMO.

Using your chosen voice artist we will arrange to record a section of your script. Then we will send you a link so you can hear the Free Demo on line.

To request a FREE DEMO read by your chosen talent, Click here.

There simply isn't an easier or safer solution to choosing Television Voice Overs.

You get to audition samples, select the voice or voices you prefer and then ask for a quote and do it all on line. Then you can go a step further and get a FREE DEMO supplied on line.

We make it as easy as possible because we are part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists.

Use the links above. Click to hear samples of our male and female voice over artists. Then click to get a free quote and to arrange a free demo.

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